Tuesday, 3 August 2010

So it Begins

First off welcome to my fishing blog! I’ve been doing session reports for a few years now on various websites so it only makes sense really to do a blog, hopefully on a weekly basis covering all aspects of Coarse angling to roach fishing on gravel pits in the depths of winter to Spring Tench fishing on secluded lily bed filled lakes on misty dawns.

The idea to start the blog came from Stu Maddocks one of my angling buddies. I’ve been reading his blog for a few seasons now (Roaming free) and been included in a few of them, so thought it was time I started my own so I can share the trials and tribulations I go through as an angler

Me and stu after a hard days piking on a semi frozen mere

I would also like to make you aware of the title “Every blank session will make the capture that little more special!”. That doesn’t mean I am always blanking lol just that it’s just a regular occurrence with big fish requiring your time, effort, determination and a little luck (or a lot) to catch them

Although fishing does take up a lot of my time, effort and determination I’ve still been issued with the nickname “Lucky Bruce” lol

Down to the important stuff and my fishing this season so far. I was lucky enough this year to catch my first double figure pike off my syndicate mere, very pleased because i had pike fished it a couple of seasons before this but only catching jack pike. A month later after catching the double I was cradling a pb pike of 15lb6oz on the boat of the mere. But on the same day a 16lb3oz pike graced my boat. So two pb pike in a day. Good angling I’d say not luck ;)

16lb3oz pike

15lb 6oz pike

Few days later I was back out, not on the mere but a lake in search of rumoured 4lb+ perch!! And a fish of that size is something I definitely don’t want to miss out on. I spent the day float fishing with worms and caught my first perch over 2lb, not just one but 6. Ending the day with a pb perch of 2lb11oz

2lb11oz perch

Spring is a very special time with being a member of a specimen tench syndicate, even more so now as I managed to get Sir Stu Maddocks a place on there. I’ve been on the venue a few years now and things have just started coming together for me. I had my first big hit of tench catching 9 tench all during day light hours which was unusual for the place, and also equalled my pb tench of 8lb6oz which I set the year before on the same lake.

9 tench all over 5lb
8lb6oz tench

Although those have so far been the highlights of the season iv still been out on little trips

Catching 5lb River Dee chub

Trying to avoiding big bulls in fields

And flood fishing the river severn for barbel

I do like to dabble into all species of fish and at the moment I’m sharing my time between catfish and eels, so hopefully by next week I will have a story to tell. But just before I go, this is never before seen footage or Sir Stu maddocks whilst we were stalking carp in the canal, this is the second Stuart strikes and fails to connect.

Until next time happy angling ;)



  1. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep !!!!!!

    Ooooops , Anglo Saxon at it's very worst , and all because I lost a Rat Fish. Tut Tut Tut ;)

  2. haha :D made my day that stu ;)