Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It’s what us coarse anglers are all about!!

A few days before this session was to take place i was in the garden planting a tree when probably the biggest lob worm I have ever seen revelled its self in the soil in front of me


The next day fork in hand and a little bucket and I was in the garden in lobworm hunting mode hopefully to get a few so i could go eel fishing on the canal the following day

Look at the tree behind me, planted rather well id say ;)

15 minutes of digging


Friday, 8.30pm and I was making my way through the lovely Cheshire country side as the sun was starting to set, I didn’t want to get on the canal to early because of people walking up and down and also the boat traffic.

After arriving I then spent the next hour just chatting with a couple of anglers who were already fishing the stretch who were looking to target the carp population. After exchanging some large eel stories of eels they had already accidently caught i was all fired up and rushed back to the car to get my gear

The light was starting to fade fast and with both rods out on lobworms I was ready to sit back, soak in the atmosphere and enjoy a bottle of dr pepper.

Notice the width of the tow path which I was very pleased about, saves anyone stumbling upon my gear

I started getting action on the buzzers almost instantly, but not from the eels I was fishing for but small bream, now I don’t usually mind bream but when you’re trying to catch something else they really are a nuisance

12pm and I had a visit from a friend of mine who had been in the local area terrorising the girlies, we put the world to rights and by 1am he was on his way, leaving me in piece and ready to concentrate once again on the eels

Last minute check before bed
By 3am and 6 bream later i hadn’t had a wink of sleep and every 20 minutes I was having screaming runs but was unable to make contact with any fish!! This carried on right the way through until 5am when I was finally able to suss the problem, I bunched all the lobworms up on the hook rather than all dangling thinking that the eels were just grabbing the eels by the tails and running off, meaning I wasn’t connecting with the eels.

The next run and I was into my first eel of the session, not the size I was after only around half a pound, but I went out to catch an eel and I did.

The session for me ended at 7am, with 7 Bream and 2 small eels. Whilst I was trying to unhook one of the eels one of the other anglers came over, they hadn’t caught many eels before so wernt really aware of there size but he said that the eels they have been catching have been 4 times the size of the half a pounder I had on the bank. Looks like im dragging my self back to the canal soon after one of those eels :D

There out there somewhere! Believe and Achieve!!

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