Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My time will come

Friday night and that once again meant the catfish. For a few days I’d be stewing over the best line of attack for the catfish for this weekend. Bait wise I decided to stick with the fish cocktail, and also try a lump of spam on the other rod.

This week though I decided to go knocking on the catfish’s front door, which I was hoping would be the dark, weedy tree lined bay at the very bottom of the flash, which for me meant a hike with all my gear on barrow, and I am the worst barrow man ever, all my sh*t always falls off lol

At the bottom end of the flash

After such a long hike its always nice to sit back for a few minutes and just have a think and see if there’s any fish moving about, you’ve done the hard part why rush into getting setup.

I didn’t realise until I started casting in just how weedy the flash is. There are a few sand patches that have been cleared in the weed by fish or birds but with the sunlight fading its hard to see through the water to find the patches. So the next best thing was to bombard two areas with balls of pellets to try and flatten the weed so I could fish ontop of it

Just look at it, if I was a catfish I’d be right snug down there

With the rods out all that was left was to get some tea and avoid the cows.

Pan fried burgers at dusk, Nom Nom Nom

Next morning I was up crack of dawn to hopefully get the traps set with fresh bait to intercept the catfish as they left their hidey holes in search of food. Each spot had a couple more handfuls of pellets and each rod re baited. With that done it was time for breakfast which was another two burgers because I forgot to bring my sausages.

Grebes, moorhens and mallards which inhabit the flash

11 o clock had come around and from what the bailiff had been telling me late morning was the best time for the catfish to feed, and he wasn’t wrong! Because a few yards up the bank I could see another angler slipping a net under a catfish. From the way he was playing it I just knew it was a catfish and later on I found out it was a 35lb cat.

I was absolutely gutted, the catfish were on the prowl but I either wasn’t in the right spot, using the right bait or just not lucky enough. Really disappointed, it’s not to bad leaving the water when you know nobody else has caught but when you know they have it’s horrible. A well, I was chuffed for the angler and did stop to give my congratulations as I left. Why, because it’s the blank session that make the capture that little more special. Will be my turn soon.

So with it being the bank holiday as well, a long weekend I should have got another session in but I didn’t. Saturday saw me celebrating a friend’s birthday in the heart of Wrexham, then Sunday I was up bright and early sampling the Matthews Street Festival in Liverpool, which was fantastic. Such a surreal sight seeing all the streets closed and thousands of people carrying cans and crates around the town lol I was merry to say the least, then straight to Chester after that to hit the Chester night life……. So, bank holiday Monday was spent recovering, it was a lovely day and it wasn’t wasted with me falling asleep in the garden on a deck chair and getting sun burnt.

This song sums up my mood over the weekend, just makes ya want to boogie

Next week what will I be doing I hear you cry!! Well I’m not sure to be honest lol I had an offer a few hours ago for a trip up to Preston to fish the river ripple for barbel, but that depends on if I have to take my sister to the airport which I completely forgot about, but also my angling club as from Wednesday has acquired a specimen water just 10 minutes down the road so it would be rude not to do an evening stalking on there and get a feel for the place.

Until next week ;)

Just sit it out and keep on searching!!

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