Sunday, 30 September 2012

All go!

Well i am starting to notice a pattern here, i go all out in spring when i am out almost every weekend giving those tench a hammering on the syndicate and then i do no other blog updates until autumn when once again its all systems go.

As i type this my evening plans were to head out either onto the upper or my local river Dee in search of chub or barbel, unfortunately the rivers are well up and in the fields, now i love my flood fishing but not when its as high as it is. my head though is firmly screwed on thinking of targeting barbel and chub and trying avoid the distractions of pike fishing when i see the photos of pike from Stuart out in Ireland pike fishing and Malcolm out pike fishing on two other local big pike venues.

Summer behind us and iv had a very unlucky spell with fishing, iv once again been in search of those big grass carp and finally i managed to hook the biggest of the 3 that usually comes out at around 20lb, unfortunately this grass carp didn't read the rule book and after hooking him decided to fight with the force of 1000 demons sending me snagged up into a tree. Having been targeting these fish on and off for a couple of years i was absolutely devastated at losing this fish. i really cant put into words how bad losing this fish and only an angler will really understand.

Upper Severn, the area i know and love

Couple of weeks later and with a fresh summer flood i headed out for my first upper session of the season, with a raising river catching was inevitable and i slid my net under a very good chub, easily 5lb+. went about my usual practice of setting up the camera and weighing equipment up the bank and unhooked the fish in the net. With a blink of the eye this slippery customer had managed to back flip back into the river without even a good bye, really cannot believe my luck!!

Upper/Middle Severn flood barbel fishing

Summer flood fishing

Ok my plans for the next couple of weeks are to continue enjoy blanking on the river Dee in search of barbel, they are few and far between but with it being just 10 minutes down the road will mean alot to me to catch one, carry on with my upper campaign and venture down onto the middle for some fun with some shoalie barbel. 

Nice Chub on the upper

Until Next time!

Tick followed tock on the dee!