Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hot and Heavy!

I’m rather excited about this blog post as I’ve had loads of things going on recently and I’ve finally got amongst the tench on the mere!

I had two session since my last post targeting rudd and carp/cats whilst I was waiting for the warm weather to return to get those tench routing about, But nothing to report, for the carp/cats my friend from preston mark joined me, you might remember him from a previous post when we both fished the ribble last year. We tried everything we could think of but with around 20 lines in the small water, mallets and fosters we were bound to fail. I won’t be returning to that lake but was good to see mark and we will get a couple of session in on the ribble this year I’m sure. I visit waters like this and realise just how lucky I am to fish the waters I do.

12/05/12 – The mere 

back to what I know and love! Id set Saturday aside as a rest day as I was to be running the Chester half marathon the next day, Monday and the Tuesday were also booked off work as rest so I would also be heading back down the mere on the Tuesday.

The day started off horrible, the mere is in full flood and I needed my leaky waders to get to the boats, each boat was full of water, all boats were tied together, I couldn’t find my cement anchors, I couldn’t find the weed rake and there was only 1 peg above water (I’m sure it was floating though).

Stage 1

Two of my markers were still visible so they were given the magic mix treatment with a handful of maggots, all that was left to do was lie back and think of wales.

Action was hot and heavy from the off, I caught 7 fish and lost 3 in the reeds, because I couldn’t find my anchors I had no choice but to tie up in the middle of the reeds which meant I had to bully the fish through them which resulted in the lost fish.Another problem which added to the reed situation was most of the tench i caught were males, which as most of you know fight alot more than the females. 

a little squashed in the boat

7lb male, 6lb10oz female

13/05/12 - Half Marathon Day! 

 Well until youv run a mile you cant understand just how far it really is, 13 miles was set to be my furthest ever run, iv done 10 miles before and i knew i would be ok up until the 10 miles. At 12 miles i thought i was going to die, my hips started playing up and i had to stop twice to give them a bashing.

Two months of training for the picture above, the finish line in Chester City center. I finished in 1 hour and 57 minutes. Really happy with finishing and my time because two weeks before this i was lying on the office floor in work with a bad back after a gym injury. 

Mr Smug pants

15/05/12 - The mere

Well im just back from another session and im a little weather beaten, one minute is was sun shine and the next it was thunder and lightning.

Woodpecker on the mere.

Despite the rubbishy conditions there was the odd tench still feeding 

After this picture i was taking cover under my unhooking mat

Now iv caught a few fish its time to focus on the big girls! iv had two 8lb fish off the mere and each of those have come in the early hours to boilies, so as soon as the water drops and i can get my bivvy on the stage ill have my eyes set on an 8!