Sunday, 10 April 2011

This is how my fishing year begins

Wow!! What a fantastic spell of weather we have been having!! And it’s only these past couple of days I have been able to experience it. As I type this I have already spent all day in the garden kicking back in a deck chair, reading some fishy mags with a couple of fosters.

Everyday it seems the grass is growing longer and the trees are looking fuller and the mere in which all my attention is on is changing by the day. The lilly pads have just broken surface, the weed is filling up and the reeds are starting to show.

Swan mussels and weed, crawling with grubs for the tench to fatten up on.

These past couple of weeks I have been down the mere every Saturday, putting bait in a few spots and raking the swims (as well as having a go for the pike).

if raking wasnt done this is what my hook bait would be lying in.

All though the tench have this buffet at there finger tips I have still managed to bag myself a few yesterday.


For me I really do love the journey down and the journey home! It’s the anticipation of getting down there to unlock the meres secrets and it’s a nice steady chilled out drive home after a mission complete. I managed to find a “best of rock and role” cd in my car which made the journey even more pleasurable.

my intention for the day was starting on a drop off swim I have really had my eye on for a couple of years then moving towards the boatyard at midday when the tench would hopefully be moving into the shallows to enjoy the sun shine.

6.30am at the boatyard entrance

Upon arrival the mere seemed alive with activity, everywhere I looked there seamed to be a tench topping and things really did look good for the day. The morning went by very fast though and I was unable to connect with any tench from my drop off swim. However I was still to fish the boatyard entrance where I could intercept them as they went in.

Drop off swim

i hadn’t even managed to get my 3rd rod in the water when I had a piss baller on the middle rod! In came a lolly olive green tench and she gave a lovely fight. I have decided on 8lb mainline this year over 10lb and you really can appreciate the fight you get from these fish because they just wont give up.

Between 12 and 3 it really was manic! On 3 occasions I didn’t have any rods in the water because I was either rebaiting a rod, unhooking a fish or trying to re clip the rod. I ended the day with 5 tench, 4 over 5lb and a 6lb fish. I managed to miss 3 violent takes because I was busy with other fish.

Its now early April and tench season hasn’t even started properly yet! I can see some crazy sessions in the future! Ill once again be back down on Saturday to try and against u amongst some more fish, at the moment size is irrelevant its just brilliant fun in a great surroundings

Until next week